Hongxiang Toys Co., Ltd. is located in the country's largest production base of toys Chenghai process. Hongxiang is a new business, is a production, development and operating various types of technology toys for integrated companies.

Our business objective is: a unique style, stand out, inexpensive, come out on top.

Our business policy is: market-oriented, creative novelty, the customer first, quality and cheap.

Our business objectives are: Extension of the self, build brands.

Our business commitment is: excellence, improve the service.

Hongxiang Toys Co., Ltd. processes a wide range of toy products, the products are exported all over the country, is also very popular in foreign markets. I developed sets of series production of boxing, bowling family, police and other technology toys through the series sets a number of domestic foreign shopping malls, the Capital International Airport are exported to countries around the world; sincerely hope that businesses across the country to cooperate and exchange.

Our desire is: Hongxiang products to accompany you and happy through the day, allowing you to live a more warm and cozy!

Because we are young, we need to work. Because we focus on, so we will be successful. I hope "Hongxiang" will be synonymous with the future technology toy industry! "Hongxiang" Tomorrow will be better!